About Us

Once upon a time in a musical land……….

Two handsome drummer princes named Colin Barnes & Alan Driscoll of Gold Coast shire, started a revolutionary drum school along with many faithful & knowledgeable disciples. It grew to such great proportions they moved downstairs & leased more space from the wise leader of the realm to accommodate all the increasingly interested musicians of the shire.

Their highnesses Barnes & Driscoll were the talk of the town & had many awesome years of happiness in their little musical kingdom when eventually the time came to pass on to the next generation. There was a huge void in the music world & much sadness across the land.


Along came a new contender - he was a fearless musician with many years of varied experience, along with a wonderful following from far & wide. He believed the music community had graced him over the years & felt he needed to give back to the realm, so along with his beautiful wife he came up with an idea……….

“Lets restore Gold Coast Music to the shire once again”

With the blessings of their highnesses, Barnes & Driscoll’s family, & many of his disciples past & present, lord Stewart Fairhurst & his fair lady Tamara, have toiled night & day, along with many of their faithful servants, advisors & most powerful magicians to astonish the masses & bring to you the new – Gold Coast Music!

Long live Gold Coast Music!!