Roland Piano AR Live


Roland have launched an amazing tool for anyone looking to purchase a Roland piano.

Introducing Roland Piano RA Live.

Visualise your perfect Roland piano!

See how the piano looks in your home before you buy it.

Select a piano, scan your room, and drop a Roland piano into your home - all without leaving the house.

For more information, check out Roland's Piano AR Live page by clicking here.


Roland FP-30X Digital Piano Bundle Black

$1,299.00 17% off RRP

Roland FPE50BK Piano Kit Bundle

$1,869.00 17% off RRP

Roland F701CB Digital Piano - Contemporary Black

$1,999.00 13% off RRP

Roland F701LA Digital Piano - Light Ash

$1,999.00 13% off RRP

Roland RP701CB Digital Piano - Contemporary Black

$2,199.00 12% off RRP

Roland RP701DR Digital Piano - Dark Rosewood

$2,199.00 12% off RRP

Roland RP701LA Digital Piano - Light Ash

$2,199.00 12% off RRP

Roland FP90XBKS Digital Piano Bundle - Black

$3,349.00 15% off RRP

Roland LX705DR Digital Piano - Dark Rosewood

$3,399.00 28% off RRP

Roland HP704WH Digital Piano w/ Matching Bench - White

$3,599.00 14% off RRP

Roland LX706DR Digital Piano - Dark Rosewood

$4,799.00 20% off RRP

Roland GP6PE Grand Piano - Polished Ebony

$8,699.00 12% off RRP

Roland GP6PW Grand Piano - Polished White

$9,399.00 12% off RRP

Roland GP9PE Luxury Grand Piano - Polished Ebony

$15,299.00 13% off RRP

Roland GP9PW Luxury Grand Piano - Polished White

$15,999.00 13% off RRP

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