Best Selection of Guitar Amps

The tone of a guitar amp must complement your distinctive playing style and sound. Certain amps produce clean tones, while others offer a more distorted or overdriven sound. Talk to Gold Coast Music about finding an amp that works for you...

NUX GP1 Guitar Headphone Amp


Marshall MG10G 10-Watt Guitar Amp Combo Gold

$129.00 19% off RRP

Boss Katana Mini 7W Guitar Amplifier 4" Speaker

$149.00 12% off RRP

Cort CM15R Bk 15W Electric Guitar Amplifier Black

$179.00 28% off RRP

Marshall MG15GR: 15W MG Gold Combo w/ Reverb

$209.00 22% off RRP

Marshall MG15GFX 15-Watt Guitar Amp Combo Gold

$279.00 24% off RRP

Cort CM30R 30W Electric Guitar Amplifier Black

$299.00 25% off RRP

Line 6 Spider V 20 MKII 1x8 Guitar Amplifier

$309.00 23% off RRP

Marshall MG30GFX: 30W MG Gold Combo

$339.00 24% off RRP

Fender Champion 50XL Electric Guitar Amplifier

$379.00 27% off RRP

Fender Mustang LT50 Combo Amplifier

$449.00 18% off RRP

Vox VX50-GTV 1x8" Guitar Amp

$449.00 18% off RRP