DW Drums & Hardware

Drum Workshop was founded in 1972 as a teaching studio by Don Lombardi. It originally offered private lessons and the occasional workshop. Lombardi, along with student (and current Senior Executive Vice President) John Good, began a small drum equipment sales operation to cover the facility's operation costs. This operation soon created the first-ever DW product: The height-adjustable trap seat, which was envisioned by Lombardi. The demand became so great that, after accepting an offer to purchase all of Camco's manufacturing equipment, the primary focus of the DW operation became drum hardware manufacturing. DW's Camco origins can be seen on their drums today. Following this, the next big product introduced by DW was the 5000 series nylon strap bass drum pedal. This pedal was soon joined by the double bass pedal, the rotating-base, and cable remote hi-hat stands. DW expanded into larger facilities in OxnardCalifornia, and grew to oversee a new company, Pacific Drums and Percussion, a company offering lower-priced drumsets. DW pioneered the timbre-matching technique of grouping a set of drumshells together by listening to the note each shell holds before it is sanded. Each shell produced by the Oxnard DW factory is stamped with the note of that shell on the interior. For a brief period, DW opened a facility in Ensenada, Mexico, to manufacture its drums and at the same time DW entered the drumstick market with the "3" drumstick lineup. The "3" drumstick lineup was unique; in that they included three drumsticks in their offering, unlike other manufacturers that sold pairs of two. When DW closed operation at Ensenada facility they ceased the drumstick line. In 2015,

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