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Maton is an Australian musical instruments manufacturing company based in Box Hill, Melbourne. It was founded in 1946 by Bill May and his brother Reg. The name "Maton" came from the words "May Tone" and is pronounced May Tonne. The company was founded in 1946 as the "Maton Musical Instruments Company" by Bill May and his brother Reg. Reg was a wood machinist, while Bill was a jazz musician, woodwork teacher and luthier who had for some years operated a custom guitar building and repair business under the name Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs. At first the company produced high-quality acoustic instruments for students and working professionals, aiming at providing good value for money and experimenting with the use of Australian woods. In the 1960s they expanded into electric instruments and instrument amplifiers, at first under the name Magnetone. Maton guitars were used by many well-known Australian pop and rock groups including Col Joye & The Joy Boys. Maton earned international renown for their superb acoustic and electric guitars and basses, which have been played by scores of famous performers from The Easybeats to The WigglesGeorge Harrison owned one of their MS500 models, which were introduced in 1957 and famed British session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan owned and used a Maton 'Cello' guitar for many years during the peak of his career, playing it on recordings with Sarah VaughanSammy Davis, Jr.Johnny Keating and his Big Band and Neil Finn from Crowded House.

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Maton STRAP-BL Soft Leather Guitar Strap - Black

$64.99 7% off RRP

Maton STRAP-BR Soft Leather Guitar Strap - Brown

$64.99 7% off RRP

Maton Mini Guitar Case
Not yet rated

$199.00 20% off RRP

Maton Acoustic Guitar Case

$209.00 16% off RRP

Maton S70 Acoustic Guitar with Deluxe Hard Case

$1,799.00 22% off RRP

Maton SRS70C 12-String Acoustic Electric Guitar

$2,479.00 20% off RRP

Maton EBG808 Nashville Acoustic Guitar

$2,999.00 21% off RRP

Maton EBG808 Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar

$3,099.00 21% off RRP

Maton ER90 Traditional Acoustic/Electric Guitar

$3,199.00 20% off RRP