PDP Drums & Hardware

Pacific Drums and Percussion (or PDP for short) is a musical instrument brand established by the Drum Workshop Inc., in 1999, with the purpose of providing its percussion instruments at more affordable prices. Pacific Drums products are manufactured in China. The line still uses some custom techniques, but primarily uses computerized machinery to cut costs and reduce steps to create drums in large quantities. Current line of Pacific Drums instruments are drum kits, snares, hardware, pedals, and other accessories.

PDP TP Tension Rods 4.38" 8 Pk

$14.00 17% off RRP

PDP PDAX379A Hi-Hat Clutch




PDP Stamped Claw Hooks - 4 pack


PDP PDAX379AQR Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch

$38.00 12% off RRP

PDP PDAX102 Bass Drum Beater Felt Conical

$44.00 12% off RRP

PDP PDAXQGC Quick Grip Clamp

$49.00 11% off RRP

PDP PDAX912QG Cymbal Boom Arm - Long

$65.00 13% off RRP

PDP PDAXTAMC-R Microphone Holder - Rack Tom

$65.00 13% off RRP

PDP PDAXTAMC-F Microphone Holder - Floor Tom

$75.00 12% off RRP